• Bought the beard oil alpha and cologne bundle and no regrets. The beard oil is light and makes my beard look shiny and healthy. Also the bundle was at a great price and definitely not one to miss. Loving my purchase at the moment.

    Avish Chaudhary Avatar Avish Chaudhary
    8 April 2024
  • Alpha oil bangs

    Control Account Avatar Control Account
    8 May 2024
  • Amazing oils i can feel a massive improvement in my beard

    abdullah ejaz Avatar abdullah ejaz
    8 May 2024
  • Amazing products, have seen a great improvement in my beard since using them.

    Haroon Yousaf Avatar Haroon Yousaf
    8 May 2024
  • Implementing both the slick alpha and sandalwood oils as well as the much needed serum has most certainly rejuvenated my beard as a whole. Skeptical before implementing, to be frank I was unsure whether I would get results from using the products daily, however I was proved wrong as consistency of applying these oils, has proved to be a game changer in my growth as well as neat texture I strongly advise you all to invest in the amazing oils if you want a holistic change in your beard game 10/10

    Qasim Kanani Avatar Qasim Kanani
    8 May 2024
  • The quality is top-tier, with the scent being amazing!!! The customer service is phenomenal, the delivery came within a few business days which was great. Overall, this product has exceeded all expectations i had!!! Thank you Nav for introducing me to this product!

    Aryan Ruparelia Avatar Aryan Ruparelia
    8 May 2024
  • Super lightweight and smells amazing. I used to find my beard was quite itchy and it hindered my beard growth progress. ever since using shera bear care my beard has been able to grow exceptionally well. also very safe to use on sensitive skin. great for people who may be acne prone.

    Prath Vk Avatar Prath Vk
    8 April 2024
  • Amazing products by Shera Beard Care. the beard oils have a great smell and last me the whole day. It is better than other bears care brand I have come across and my favourite would be the Alpha beard oil which makes my beard feels and looks smoother and smell great. I would definitely recommend the products they offer!

    Keshav Kumar Avatar Keshav Kumar
    8 May 2024
  • Great beard oils and serums and fast efficient shipping with top quality service

    Arran Mehtam Avatar Arran Mehtam
    8 May 2024
  • High quality, premium products that will absolutely transform your beard if you’re looking to grow one with amazing scents Using their beard oils has made my beard go from dry and patchy to soft and silky in literally a few weeks, I was shocked myself. They use only natural ingredients and their products are an absolute gem for their price. Worth every penny.

    Abu Mehmood Avatar Abu Mehmood
    8 May 2024


SHERA Beard Care offers premium, high-quality grooming products designed for excellent beard growth. Our products are meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and a deep respect for tradition.

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